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We want to help!

Since opening in 2006, we have helped a tremendous number of non-profits, from the American Red Cross to NRDC, City Harvest to the Joyce Theatre, museums to schools.

We do not make donations. We can’t afford to on the scale we are asked. But everyone on our team is eager to make a contribution to the community. What we will do, and have for many worthy organizations, is provide wine and spirits at a discount.

Obviously outright sponsors and donors are optimal. But if not available, our non-profit service will help you defray your event costs and preserve precious funds for the organization’s important work. This approach allows us to help everyone who asks in a way that we can afford.

Please feel free to avail yourself of this service at any time. Simply give us your details in the form below. Don’t forget to include the name of the organization, contact info, non-profit exemption number, date of event and approximate needs. We will get back to you with a response shortly.

We hope you will understand if we reserve the right to decline this service if we do not have enough notice, if it’s our crazy busy season, or if the request is small and the complexity is large.

Thank you!
The Bottlerocket Team