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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?
Monday through Saturday, 11am - 9pm
Sunday, 12pm - 8pm

Do you deliver?
Bottlerocket delivers locally for free. We offer free, same-day delivery (no minimum) from Houston to 42nd Street, 11th Avenue to FDR Drive.

For deliveries outside our free local range within Manhattan, there is a $15 fee for up to a case. Each additional case is an additional $15. Orders going to commercial addresses and residences with doormen are made through local messenger companies. Orders placed before 2pm on weekdays are generally delivered by the end of the next day. Any orders placed on weekends will be delivered no later than the following Tuesday. Please call to confirm if you need a time frame specific delivery. Non-doorman residences will generally be mailed FedEx or UPS from the store. Expect 3-12 business days for ground delivery, longer for beyond the east coast.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, Bottlerocket gives a 10% discount on all still wine orders of 12 bottles or more. Sparkling wine and spirits are not included in the discount and do not count towards the minimum bottle count.Our pricing is very fair. That limits our ability to give steeper discounts.

Why can’t I ship to certain states?
Bottlerocket abides by the law. We wish we could send liquor everywhere. But because we live in a union of 50 states, each with its own peculiar, often confounding laws, shipping alcohol is a complicated matter. If you want to be proactive, write letters to your government representatives stating your belief in unfettered interstate commerce. Bottlerocket is constantly on the lookout for changes in state and federal laws pertaining to the sale and shipping of liquor. If we can ship it, we will! You can also contact Free The Grapes.

Can I return wine I don't like?
Bottlerocket accepts returns on corked or damaged wine. Personal taste cannot be the basis of a return. We offer loads of information about our wines to help you make the best choices.

Can I return wine I don't use?

According to New York State law, Bottlerocket cannot take back previously purchased, unopened bottles. We can help you estimate how much wine and spirits you’ll need for a party. And the nice thing about leftover wine is it keeps. Another good excuse for a party…

How do I calculate how much wine I’ll need for a party?
Multiply the number of guests by the number of hours the party will last. Add the number of guests to that number. The sum is the approximate total number of glasses you’ll need. Divide the sum by 5. That’s how many bottles you’ll need (there are 5 glasses in each 750 ml bottle). For example, having a two-hour party for 20 people? Assume you’ll need 60 glasses of wine (12 bottles). Hate math? Just get in touch and we’ll help you figure it out!

How long have you been open?

Bottlerocket opened its doors for business on May 2, 2006.

Is the store named after the 1996 Wes Anderson film, Bottle Rocket?
No. Our name came out of a lot of brainstorming and thinking, with many ideas rejected along the way. Bottlerocket says it all: forward-moving, energetic, playful and fun. A little bit risky. Far from the old-fashioned, effete associations wine can often conjure. That said, we admire filmmaker Wes Anderson’s work and don’t mind the loose association!

Will you donate to my school/charity/museum/fundraising event?
Bottlerocket supports many amazing nonprofit organizations, from WNYC public radio to the Chelsea Day School. See the complete list of folks we’ve supported here. Almost every day we get a request for donations. Our policy is to sell wine and spirits to select nonprofits at a very steep discount, virtually at cost. This way, we stay in business and can also help our friends. It’s a win-win.

The look of Bottlerocket is so cool. May I "borrow" the design?

We’re flattered, but no. The design of Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit cannot be copied for use by other businesses. We worked hard to make this store. Copying the ideas and look of Bottlerocket would be stealing our intellectual property. The trademarks and trade dress are protected, and the concept is patent-pending.

What is the Bottlerocket Index?
Think of it as the Dow Jones Index for wine. Taking any available scores that we find for a given wine (from newspaper articles and critics), as well as our own team's judgement, Bottlerocket comes up with a rating from 1 to 5 (5 being the best). The scoring system is simply the average of all available data, or else simply our own team's score. It’s OK to play favorites with wine; everyone’s palate is different. Judge for yourself!

How do you choose the wines you sell?
Bottlerocket carries a carefully curated collection of wines. We pick wines from many countries, made from a variety of grape types, at a wide price range. Think of us as editors. We’re always on the hunt for the very best of what’s out there. If there’s a wine you wished we carried, let us know! We’ll special order anything that’s available as long as you order a one case minimum (12 bottles).

The way Bottlerocket organizes the selection is so smart. Why has no one ever thought of grouping wines thematically before?
Bottlerocket was created from the wine consumer’s point-of-view. After realizing how overly complicated the wine buying experience seemed to be, we set out to build a better way. Most of us buy wine based on what we’re going to do with it. We’re looking for something to go with dinner, for example. Or we need to find a great gift. This led us to organize the wines more intuitively, by category.

Why does Bottlerocket require my Driver's License to complete a purchase?
The law demands that we take your Driver’s License or Passport information as proof of age. Bottlerocket stores this personal information on its secure server. Next time you make a purchase, we won’t need to ask you again. We respect your privacy. Bottlerocket promises not to share your personal information with anyone. Ever. If you prefer, please fax a copy of your Driver’s License (fax # 212-929-3111).